Live Snake Shows for Science Classrooms

During Ed Ferrer’s 30 year career as a an award winning science teacher he always had a collection of snakes in his classroom. These reptiles were very popular and sparked an interest in nature and science in his students. Since he retired he now travels the state of Indiana as “Snakehead Ed”, presenting exciting, fun yet safe and educational live snake programs for science classes and large convocations. He makes every program age appropriate for all ages from preschools to high schools and even colleges. His presentations reinforce Indiana’s science standards and can be adjusted to fit a any school’s curriculum or goals. Since he is on retirement, he keeps his fees very reasonable and offers discounts for multiple interactive snake shows in one day. (He often said, “If I wanted to get rich, I wouldn’t have chosen to teach school for most of my life”.) “Students can learn about these animals via videos or books, but seeing them live and touching them leaves a much more lasting impression with them”. Students learn about the true nature of snakes instead of the myths. He also discusses the venomous snakes of Indiana and shows the difference between them and the nonvenomous species. (good to know when our camping or hiking!)      A typical response to his programs:

  “Every year at our Spring Fling”  we like to have a show that not only entertains but also educates. This year we had “Snakehead Ed”. He gave three standing room programs! We have never had so many positive comments! His years of teaching have given him a unique ability to entertain yet educate his audiences to the wonders of snakes. We will definitely have “Snakehead Ed” back.” 

   Karry Kober, Westlake PTO

   MSD of Wayne Township, Indianapolis, IN.