Common Misconceptions about Snakes

Misconceptions about snakes

Snakes and humans have always had something of a rocky relationship. Some people even seem to have an innate fear of snakes. We call this fear Ophidiophobia. Quite a mouthful!

It’s likely that this fear of snakes is an evolutionary disposition passed down by our cave dwelling ancestors who had good reason to be nervous about wildlife. These days, however, now that we’re resting comfortably at the top of the food chain, it might be time to make amends with our serpentine associates. With this in mind, we thought we’d try to dispel a few common myths and misconceptions about snakes.

Snakes are Slimy

Snakes are reptiles, not amphibians! Likewise, they have smooth, dry, armor-like scales that protect them from predators and help them to glide easily along the ground. The color patterns in snake scales can even act as natural camouflage!

Misconceptions About Snakes Show By Snakehead Ed

Snakes Chase Humans

While not entirely unheard of, snakes almost never chase humans. Because humans are so much larger than snakes, most snakes will want to get away from us as fast as possible. Occasionally, however, we might be blocking a snake’s escape route, in which case it might appear that it is chasing us. Bear in mind that the snake is likely just as startled by you as you are by the snake.

Misconceptions about snakes

Snakes Drink Cows’ Milk

This myth was probably perpetuated by misinformed farmers who found snakes lounging in their barns. In reality, these snakes were probably just cooling off in the hay and hoping they might catch as passing field mouse. Because of their jaw structure, it would actually be impossible for a snake to suck milk from a cow.

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