Snake Bites!

Snakes are not normally aggressive towards humans. Snakes bite when they feel threatened. (1.) fast movements because they have poor eye sight. (2.) movement toward their head, no arms or legs to protect them.Remember humans are usually many times larger than snakes. So they normally try to escape. Snakes normally only strike as a last option. Mostly strikes occur when a person is trying to pick one up or trying to kill it. So when you see a snake just stand still.

Big Hit!

Melvin, my albino Burmese python is always a big hit at parties and other functions like schools and scout meetings. He could be a big hit for your event. Contact us at (317) 727-7553

Safety with large constrictors

When I do programs or parties I always emphasize safety when hanling snakes. This is especially true with large pythons, boas, and anacondas. It is always a good idea to use the” 8 foot rule”, for every 8 feet of snake you need another person. This photo shows the proper ratio.


I title this photo “Beauty and the Beast” Sometimes a host will request I bring a spider to the party. “Lurch”, the tarantula is always a big hit!


In all my programs and parties my last snake is a huge yellow and white albino Burmese python named “Melvin”! Everyone gets to touch him to see how strong he is and are amazed at how docile he is! I always stress how snakes are good for us humans because they kill mice and rats…


  Sometimes I bring spiders to my shows. Actually more people are afraid of spiders than snakes. My guests are amazed at how docile “Lurch” the tarantula is! I also tell how beneficial spiders are for us because they kill hundreds of harmful insects. People can read about animals but seeing and touching them in…

Burmese python

You may have heard about the Burmese pythons taking over the Everglades. Come and see a real Burmese python and hear the truth about this situation from Snakehead Ed. Get to feel the python and view the real nature of this reptile at your party or meeting.

Common Misconceptions about Snakes

Misconceptions about snakes

Snakes and humans have always had something of a rocky relationship. Some people even seem to have an innate fear of snakes. We call this fear Ophidiophobia. Quite a mouthful! It’s likely that this fear of snakes is an evolutionary disposition passed down by our cave dwelling ancestors who had good reason to be nervous…