Birthday Parties

ed with a family dressed as the incredibles holding a snake

Do you want an memorable birthday party instead of renting an expensive bounce house or traveling to Chucky Cheese? “Snakehead Ed” has just the solution for an exciting birthday party that all the guests will remember for a long time. Ed brings a large collection of live snakes starting with medium size snakes such as corn snakes and ending with large beautiful pythons and boas. All the children can touch some if they want. (Ed never forces anyone if they are a little shy.) All  guests get free souvenirs and the birthday child gets two additional souvenirs plus gets his or her photo taken with the favorite snake of the party as a special memory!

Since Ed is a retired science teacher, he is on a pension so he keeps his fees very reasonable for a live animal party. He travels throughout the state of Indiana and his snakes are vet checked and he is fully insured. Ed’s “serpent safari” is not only exciting but it is also educational as the children learn about the true nature of snakes debunking a lot of the scary myths. This party is recommended for all children ages five years and up.

  A parents typical response to Ed’s “python Party”:
“My son said his “Python Party” was the best party ever!  All the children and parents loved the snakes!  Thank you again.”

Mary Joan Dixon, Cedar Lake, IN.