Learn About Snakes from Snakehead Ed's Interactive Snake Show

Meet “Snakehead Ed”

Snake Presentation at Indiana Schools by Snakehead Ed

“Snakehead Ed”, (Ed Ferrer) is a retired, award winning middle school science teacher. He used animals in his science class to get his students more interested in science and nature. The students’ favorite animals were his large collection of snakes which they often handled and helped care for. After 30 years of teaching, Ed now offers unique, “close encounter” interactive snake shows for school convocations or science classes, museums, libraries, scout meetings, day cares, summer camps, nursing homes, and corporate events. He also provides birthday party shows that include free souvenirs for the kids and a special photo for the birthday child with their favorite snake as a unique prize.

As a former teacher, he is sensitive to your group’s needs and tailors each program to be age appropriate and meet specific goals and objectives. Ed’s programs are fast paced and interactive including some humor and surprises. He has found that it is easier to educate children if you also entertain them. His snake presentations feature snakes from Africa, Asia, Australia, and South and North America and start with mid-sized species and end with huge, beautiful boas and pythons. Many Indiana state science standards are reinforced in each presentation. Participants in his live snake classroom presentations will find that the truth about snakes is more fascinating than their myths and legends and will have fun along the way!

Ed’s programs can also be tailored to illustrate different biomes such as deserts, jungles, and rainforest habitats, etc. along with introducing environmental and conservation issues. Ed says “My snakes serve as good will ambassadors for all wildlife because unfortunately today usually the “wildest animal” most students see is a dead raccoon or deer carcass on the road.”